Who We Are

The AgriStar Group

Agristar, a fourth-generation farming group, was founded in 1948, starting with sugarcane and subtropical fruit in the eastern regions of Mpumalanga in South Africa. Today we specialise in growing, processing, and marketing tree nuts of the highest quality.

Our business has enjoyed contributing to South Africa’s tree nut industry for more than half a century, and we continue to support this growing and prosperous industry.

As a farming group, we are dedicated to responsible farming practices and follow an integrated farming approach.

Sustainability by Agristar

Sustainability is at the core of the Agristar Group‘s operations, and environmental stewardship is an integral part of our sustainability programme.

As a group, we implement environmental protection initiatives on all our farms. These projects include conserving pollinator species, removing alien vegetation, and preserving and rehabilitating ecologically sensitive areas.  

We develop our farms in an environmentally responsible way and the preservation of sensitive sites and natural resource conservation guides our operations. Every undeveloped area of natural vegetation is preserved and protected by our integrated farming methodology.

Crowned Eagle Conservation

Agristar has partnered with Dr Garth Batchelor (Mpumalanga Crowned Eagle Working Group), Petri Viljoen (Surveyworx) and Peter Retief (Sweni Techto take part in an ongoing Crowned Eagle Conservation Project on the AgriStar Property. 

The aim of the Mpumalanga Crowned Eagle Monitoring Project has been to describe and monitor the Crowned Eagle population particularly along the Drakensberg Escarpment in Mpumalanga Province. 

The study has been running for 13 years and focusses on the location and monitoring of Crowned Eagle nests along the escarpment.

More about the Crowned Eagle nest

The Crowned Eagle nest on the Agristar farm is approximately 16 m high in a Matumi tree (Breonadia salicifolia).  The installation of a camera system at the Crowned Eagle nest will allow valuable information to be assimilated on breeding behaviour and also their prey selection on this estate.

Data collection on prey delivered to nests has been incidental. Attempts at collecting prey remains below nests have been relatively disappointing as scavengers remove most prey remains below the nests. Behaviour and calling activities at the nest are also not well documented.

Mpumalanga Crowned Eagle Working Group

The Mpumalanga Crowned Eagle Working Group records and monitors breeding sites of Crowned Eagles in Mpumalanga Province. It is supported by Bridlife Lowveld, SAFCOL, SAPPI, private landowners and interested individuals.

Project team

Photo credits: AgriStar/Kasper van Rooyen, Dr Garth Batchelor and Petri Viljoen. 

Website design: Petri Viljoen.

Website contributions: Petri Viljoen, Dr Garth Batchelor, AgrStar/Kasper van Rooyen and Peter Retief.